In my home – I live in a two-room studio in Holliston, near a nature reservation that has a pond and lots of trails for dogs to enjoy!

Length of time:

Up to a week at a time

Level of care:

I will provide your dog with as-close-to 24-hour care as possible. I have been known to bring a dog to my mechanic! However, if I need to run an errand that is not dog-friendly, your dog will be left alone for no more than four hours, during which they will be brought back to your house so they can feel most comforted.

In your dog’s suitcase:

   - Bowls for food and water

   - Dog food (enough for the length of 

        their stay)

   - Toys/Bones/anything they love!

   - Harness for long walks

   - A blanket or towel from your house 

        that smells like you!

   - Any medications they need


$50 per day on the weekends

$70 per day on weekdays, which includes 

     up to 2 playdates per day




The Manda Pack, L.L.C.

Needham, MA, USA

(440) 477-1037

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